-:Growth of School:-

In the year 2015 a sapling of education was planted by the founders late MR. Mohammed Irfan the first MLA of Bilari and the former MP of Rampur and chancellor of MAJMI MR. Azam khan, they gave it the name Royal Public School. At first it was started with 210 students and 11 teachers for the class NC to 5th.

Our dedication, devotion and determination and team work bore fruits and people of not only Bilari but also of nearby areas trusted us and got their kids admitted in royal public school and we started growing year by year and then that sapling grew its branches and started running up to class 8 with 320 students and 15 teachers.

 now the school was successful in making a niche in the heart of everyone.  Considering the love and trust of admirers and well wishers the school sought for affiliation and was blessed in 2021 to come to the status of a secondary school affiliated to CBSE New Delhi looking firm to go a long way.

 today students from all walks of life receive education in this prestigious and well reputed school of Bilari aiming to go to the zenith in its motives…