-:Manager Sir's Message:-

I feel immense pleasure to welcome all the teachers, parents, students, and others at the website of RPS.

I’m grateful to the people of Bilari who have given an overwhelming response to our school which is unique in many aspects.

I am immensely grateful to my father MR. Mohammad Irfan and with whose blessings i am successfully running RPS. I have always abided by the teachings of my father for moving ahead with honesty, integrity, truthfulness and magnanimity and striving hard to work selflessly for humanity.

I have always strived to give an excellent infrastructure and an enabling environment in my school. It’s my commitment that RPS will continue to promote quality education and children will enjoy their learning and reap abundant harvest as long as they are under my protection.

Teaching, according to me is a commitment that demands impeccable character and elements of honesty and sacrifice to serve as role model for the students. It is not a job of the last resort. It is an elevated position of a nation builder. Unless the teachers of the nation imbibe this spirit, the country will keep slipping on the corruption perception index. The malaise that now pervades through the nerves and veins of school education is the system of private tuitions. I have made my own contribution to eradicate this malaise by banning tuition in my school. The day boarding system facilitates the learning and entire teaching within the school hours.  The students of my school don’t need to grope for private tutors. I am proud to say that this novel system of education is the hallmark of only and only royal public school.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive education within a safe, happy and rich learning environment. The youth is our biggest resource and we endeavour to make our students physically, intellectually and emotionally strong so that they can face the challenges of the world and emerge as winners always. We inculcate in them spirit of patriotism so that they know their duties towards the nation and act as agents of social reform.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the staff members of Royal Public School, parents, patrons and well wishers for their unprecedented support and co-operation.

Mohammad Hassan


RPS Bilari