Mr. Javed Alam, faculty of Social Science is the product of a well known university and has been teaching Social Science for seven years. He is known among the students as the best teacher of Social Science in nearby areas. Students love and respect him not only for his unique way of teaching but also for doing interactive experiments in the classrooms to make learning more exciting and enthusiastic. Besides social science he is organising smart classes of English speaking to make RPS students fluent in English. He has a friendly and protective behaviour towards his students. For students, he is not just a teacher but a friend, guide and mentor also therefore each and every student wants to be connected with him. So the students of RPS are lucky because he is connected with us from two years with great love, devotion and dedication.

Mr. Mohammed Ali faculty of Science is one of the best teachers of Science. He has qualified M.SC., B.Ed. From Manuu Hyderabad University and has 7 years teaching experience in various institute like KV CRPF Rampur, KV IFCO Aonla Bareilly and KV Harthala and has been teaching in RPS for two years.

Mr. Mayank Arya, faculty of Maths is one of the best Maths teachers. He has qualified B.SC., B.Ed from MJPRU. He has been teaching in RPS for 3 years and has different method of teaching Maths that help the student to understand the Maths easier.

Mr. Mohmmad Aasim, faculty of English is one of the best teachers of English she qualified ma (English) and B.A. B.Ed from MJPRU and has 3 years teaching experience. She is giving her services in RPS for 2 years.

Mrs. Wasi-ul-sahar, faculty of Hindi is one of the best Hindi teachers.  She is graduated from MJPRU and has 16 years experience of teaching Hindi. She is dedicatedly connected with us since the first day of RPS.